After Effects piece - "Jeeves-e"

Learning the basics of After Effects allowed me to take the various poses of my robot butler character Jeeves-e and animate him moving within the b+w 2D space the the full color 3D space (* a big nod to the hugely influential work of Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics, particularly his chapter on the human brain's desire and ability for thematic and visual closure).

Combining scanned images from 1980s era Architectural Digest Magazines and the soundtrack from the BBC show Upstairs, Downstairs, this piece playfully gives life to the idea that as Jeeves-e travels between the 3D color frames of the comic and the 2D b+w between-spaces, he also connects and exists within the castle's rooms and charmingly aloof characters.  Voiceover brilliance provided by Soni Strandell!

from  Understanding Comics  by Scott McCloud

from Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud