Week 1 Response: Ethically bridging Tech Innovation and Intl Dev

Reading Chris and his coauthors' description of the current landscape in innovative humanitarian efforts helps to fill in the picture of the challenges inherent to UNICEF's work.  Combatting deafeningly important problems with a forward looking approach.  The challenge in working with well-intentioned participant organizations who sometimes lack true vision on the complex reality of a problem.  

It seems their efforts may be as much devoted to education and the relay of critical information and analytics as they are to supplying of health services.

I also appreciate the candor of statements like these regarding a design paradigm that is systemic in scope, and look forward to learning more from fail stories and specific case studies. 

"But while Silicon Valley has proven that 'creating multi-disciplinary teams' and 'failing quickly' add value to Facebook and Google, have we been able to prove that 'agility' (for example) adds real value to large-scale human development?"