Week 6: Final Project idea

As part of the Mircrosoft Research Lab Design Expo, Daniella, Kenzo and I have been working on a project in the realm of multimedia education design, metacognitive skill training, and mixed reality.  We have discovered many interesting ideas during our research, and would like to use it as a jumping off point into a separate direction that could make sense within the realm of a humanitarian project for Doing Good is Good Business.

Within the US, we see a yawning gap between people with high level metacognitive learning abilities and those who are lacking strong skills.  Our current world entails reading and absorbing information in daily amounts that vastly surpass the realities of previous generations, and so being able to navigate the modern world efficiently is strongly linked to one's metacognitive abilities.  Many of our brain's metacognitive abilities are solidified by the time we reach 14 years old, which we see as one key opportunity directly in line with UNICEF's vision to improve the lives of children facing great challenges.

We can assume that in many developing areas of the world the educational systems are failing their students in this regard at a clip that is equal or more egregious than what we find in American public schools.  If this is true, how can the emerging technology of mixed reality help us conceive of potential solutions?  And what important questions can it provoke?   If we foresee that access to these products will only increase, what products and interdisciplinary approaches can we imagine succeeding in the areas of the world where kids face the largest educational adversities?