Thesis concept intro + Portfolio Overview

Immersive Acoustic Storytelling

I will make a series of investigations into immersive acoustic storytelling to try and understand how sound design can tweak our perceptions of the world that surrounds our ears and function as a powerful cognitive primer.  Sound is in many ways the most immersive of our sensory experiences already, yet we so place focus on the visual in tech when we try to dazzle, transport, and tell stories with technology.  This will be a continuation of the projects I’ve been making at ITP, and will experiment with spatialized sound design for mixed reality, location aware audio guides, and manipulation of the soundscapes of New York City’s interior and exterior spaces.  

For instance, how can I translate noise pollution into beautiful musical characters?  How can I use immersive technologies to let someone improvise musically?  And can that improvisation be captured and thus become a compositional tool (i.e. a Unity C# script that exports collision events to MIDI data for use in a DAW)?  Can i alter the quality of the sound of the inner monologue inside my head?  How can i manipulate moments to be calm and delightful, or overlay contextual information that provokes someone to take a deeper look at the space they inhabit, whether that’s a park, a museum installation, or a neighborhood.  

The result of this cognitive priming that I want to better understand is the moment when you take the tech off and experience the world with new ears.