Week 2: Location scouting - Grand Central Station

Notes from walking around the space with Director and friend Jacob Krupnick:

a possible entrance location for the piece.


paris opera house styled balcony staircases.  conjure the sounds of an opera here?  

try placing musical stems around the hall.  a choir, organ, strings, horns...  walk towards them and live mix with your location. 

include a musical scene something like Janet Cardiff's 40-Part Motet, where you can walk into the midst of a group of sound sources in harmony.


the people walking up high in the glass windows are mta employees, jacob says.  not open to the public unfortunately, must be a great view.  but perhaps they're omnipresent enough to include a reference to them in the narration.


dank air in the vanderbilt 42nd street overpass.  feels different here.


grand chandelier lights. could aurally glow with resonant hum when you walk underneath. 


orphaned balloons on the ceiling.  kids lost their prizes?  how common are these balloons?  can i include and hope they are there for future users of my experience?


you can freely walk out onto the train platforms.  catch glimpses of people just before their departures. imagine you're the one about to leave..

previously people played on a squash court and visitors could watch, says jacob.

a guy down on his luck sings under the boardwalk on the train (could be in a hallway)

the iconic clock as a meeting place for visitors and commuters - some story element must happen here.