First off, what I made: An ambisonic sketch of street noise outside grand central (where the experience will begin).  Playing with an audio skybox with the Google Resonance spatial audio SDK in Unity.  Not blown away by the headtracking, will news investigate further how to optimize.  And need better realistic reflection off the interior spaces.

Unity sketch with ambisonic audio skybox

Video prototype with narrator overlay

Then did more scouting during my Museum Hack-led Grand Central Scavenger Hunt this weekend.  Side note – didn’t get a huge amount of useful info from this experience, but it was nice to explore the space more and find some new nooks and crannies.

Below are notes on the conversations I had this week.  They helped me solidify my scope and vision.

I’ve since re-embraced an original idea of this project, which is to complete a trio of experiments into immersive aural storytelling that explore the relationships between sound and physical space.

The Unity build audio guide of GCT is one, and still the main.

Another will be an extension and reinterpretation of a Max project I made using different struck notes from a xylophone to control projection mapped video, but will be now involving voice synthesis audio ( a la my week 1 work) and video recording of faces to create a circularly structured sound poem that relates to sound and space and memory.  Theoretically it could be viewed as a speculative installation piece for Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central station.

The third will be an extension of my Ambient Met mobile app, but now pursued in ARkit.  Also a Unity build designed for the main concourse of grand central, it will be a spatial musical AR interaction involving visuals.  A 3D, AR version of Ambient Met or my Sound Objects project, with new sounds that appear to exist with acoustic realism inside of the main hall at GCT.


Chat w/ Dan Sheehan of SiegelVision agency

historical moments he likes

the franklin roosevelt train tunnel underneath waldorf astoria / warhol threw parties there

paparazzi moments when marilyn monroe and others would disembark at gct

jackie o

edison bulbs outside on awnings were a show off move

fisher king scene  – magical moment, check out

grand central partnership – they might be interested in working with me

Chat w/ Mike Dory, Design Expo class teacher and Googler


skateboarding in the city

storefront for art and architecture

sound lab work from @Media Lab

check out cooper hewitt accessibility exhibit — Which I immediately did. it was pretty good. The sound design exhibit was not that helpful, but the accessibility exhibit was very nice.  Ultimately, I think it is too much to include in the scope of my project.


kate hartman – check her ITP thesis

   – exploring emotions

allison parrish thesis presentation.


if i were leading this i’d scope 4 months, 4-8ppl

scope down — Oh, Ok.

maybe do small part of it, and then explore other options — Yes, I will. Back to original inspiration.

have fun, it’ll be ok.

Chat w/ Ziv Schneider, Alt Docs professor

consider the no-geo spatial location dumb version

look into gps integration with unity

voice ui – cool!  never seen before


further research this week:



Geologists Glimpse a Heaven Below, NYTimes

Dear Architects: Sound Matters, NYTimes

    — Something like this could be great for the app.  Where an -on click- reveals what it sounds like below your feet.  In the train tunnels, etc.