Changing course : a new Final Project idea

Inspirations from Jaron Lanier's You Are Not a Gadget

"If you hope for technology to be designed to serve people, you must have at least a rough idea of what a person is and is not." pg 154

ch 2 " An apocalypse of self-abdication"

   --> "Making people obsolete so that computers seem more advanced "

Problems with Backdrop project idea: 

dilutes the specialness of humans by amalgamating and qualifying a small collection of data they've made public.

would be hard to register the change in the generated/selected ambient soundscape that i want to occur when individuals enter or leave a space. too subtle a medium to really communicate this central element of interactivity.

i'm not sophisticated enough and the input api data wouldn't go deep enough ( playlist information leads to questions of the nature of playlists = flawed )

maybe down the road a better handle on machine learning could lead me back to this idea.

Backdrop would attempt to learn the average type of apple a group enjoys and then suggest an orange for everyone = flawed. 

gets away from hive mind.

A new idea, based on an old one:

What Ambient Toy sets out to do is create a series of interactive musical "apps" that allow user to record their own uses and creations.  Would introduce record/playback functionality. Perhaps a site where recorded tracks could be posted/shared.

Would simplify, and focus less on computationalism and more on the individual specialness of individuals. 

This would push farther ahead than my last projects though, by involving the Tone.js library.  This would get away from the originating samples that I design and make way for other musical evolutions based on networked input.