Ambient Machine : Final Presentation

Abstract:  I set out to design an experience with essentially no barrier to entry for engagement with a suite of musical sketches. Music makers are freed from standard compositional choices like what note to select, and what should it sound like. and non music makers have nothing standing between them and an expressive and thoughtful musical experience. 

  Now users only have time based choices to make - when to let a ball drop, triggering a random sample from each ball's predesigned array of sounds.  the sounds within an array modulate and sometimes change note value, so the experience becomes even more evolving than if there were only one sound sample per ball.  random melodies are generated and subtle sonic movements are baked in so that the user can create a song arc from a simple and intuitive framework of interaction.

In the future: I'd like to develop this into a mobile app release.  Or perhaps a small speaker box device similar to FM3, but which allows for ball/sample control.  Aim for Kickstarter.

Inspiration : "Re-make one project every semester."  - Michael Levitz, recounting advice he got at ITP.

Thank You!! : Yining Shi, Shawn Van Every, Justin Peake, Kat Sullivan, and our ICM class playtesters!