Week 3: Buttons

Within this week's assignment to learn about p5 Buttons, I spent a lot of my time experimenting with color theory.  I'm inspired by Josef Albers, and I made some homage pieces to his seminal book the Interaction of Color.  


A very helpful session with Yining Shi illuminated how I could randomly generate an array of rectangles, with a constrained cohesive color palette, that would all function as buttons.  The reaction to any button press changes the background color to the inverse (or close to inverse, in some cases I changed the code to make for a different and pleasing contrast color).  The background color fade from one inverse choice to the next depending on where you click happens over a few seconds. It plays on Albers' work with color theory, contrast, and the ways that we can effectively and harmoniously arrange colors on a page..  

Links to the p5 sketches:


    I also played around with some Albers' inspired p5 sketches that didn't involve buttons, but did randomly generate fill colors that complement each other.