Week 7: My First Ambient Toy [DOM, HTML, INDEX, etc.]

Building off of last week's HW assignment in which I introduced gravity and wind force functions to my sketch, I set out to make a more musical experience using similar principles.  I uploaded multiple and harmonious ambient musical elements, assigned them to checkEdges, and made an array of rectangles that contain falling balls.  The trickiest part was getting the buttons that pause and un-pause the movement of the balls to control their individual balls, and not all the balls.  Yining Shi was super instrumental in helping me this week to figure out how to get the buttons working (thankful shout out to Kat Sullivan as well!!).


Synthesis Day

   I was paired with Dror, and we had a fun time essentially failing with a couple of ideas before landing on a simple idea to use a potentiometer as our Serial Input Sensor to control the speed of movement in a Jitter script I'd made previously.  It was a challenge to make something we truly liked in the time allotted, but we did glimpse at the possibilities of Serial input!

  We'd wanted to use the input controller as a playhead transport for web videos via a YouTube API, and then when that proved tricky we tried to pivot to simply a playhead controller for preloaded audio.  Alas, not enough time. .. .

Week 4 : Anthem [Objects, Arrays, New Functions, P5 audio library]

This piece of code involves an array of audio objects -- the National Anthems of the all the countries from which the students in our class hail -- and by clicking your mouse on the background image you essentially change the channel on which anthem is audible.  It was interesting to figure out how to use the Audio library in P5 to do things like jump() and currentTime(), and making use of some boolean statements allowed me to stop one anthem as another became audible.  Preload() of the audio didn't work, and after receiving some guidance from Cassie and Justin the Residents it was determined that this functionality is buggy.  So give the sketch a moment to load all the audio assets before expecting the mouseClick to work.  Also big thanks to Craig the resident and Shawn Van Every for their assistance in helping me build this!

The full concept for this is to combine this with a P-Comp project -- working title Anthem.  I'd like to have Globes filled with weight, or spherical weights painted like globes, swinging from a large scale Newton's Cradle such that when a new pendulum-swing makes contact in the row of balls an FSR sensor is triggered and will 'change the channel' on the anthems as seen in this sketch, effectively making a randomized composite 'World Anthem" if you will each time the piece is set in motion.

 Here's a video of someone who's made a large scale Newton's Cradle.  I imagine this might be set in motion for a little over a minute, and it appears the cycle between contacts would be a little over 1 second in duration.

Week 3: Animations and Buttons

Thanks to some very helpful assistance from Rubin the Resident on my if/else conditional statements I was able to set up a "Stained Glass" randomized animation that is triggered after a button is pressed.