calendAR - Week 7

We like to say that time is our most precious commodity.  And calendars become highly personal documents that reflect all sorts choices and responsibilities about how we live our lives.  As a graduate student, I'm in a constant state of juggling large and small projects, with looming timelines and weekly assignments that quite literally feel like hurdles.  Because of this context, more than I ever I think about time spatially, and the 7-day or Monthly grid of the calendars I use to stay organized are frustratingly confined to an arbitrary way to chart our lives.

So this piece is about trying to incorporate the idea for a calendar into the notebook that I use to take notes in, augmenting the tangible object that I use everyday in school to create a super-notebook.  

I had some trouble building for iOS after my last iOS update now apparently does not jive with my Xcode.  I also wasn't able to harness the raycasting necessary to make this as musical and aural as I intend.  I think as a proof of concept though it does a nice job of using a little tune I made (playfully featuring groups of children cheering) to create a fun, spatial, and linear caledar - exactly the kind of calendar I want.