Midterm - Kid AR, Augmenting the Record

Alex Fast and I continued our exploration of augmenting the physical object of the vinyl record.  This time we chose Radiohead's Kid A, the 2000 release that showcased the first instance of the band's now famously clever use of social media promotion.

To promote the record, Radiohead released a series of animation videos they dubbed "blips" which featured glimpses of the forthcoming songs.  Alex and I repurposed these videos to augment the initial experience of holding the cover in your hands.  The mountains of the cover art appear to be replaced and begin to shift as red dots enter.  Then a TV set playing more of the "blips" lowers into the frame and we begin to see two spheres floating out of the TV set towards the users' face.  This element of spatializing the experience at the outset is a key way of making our ultimate goal - to entertainingly provide extra context and information - to playfully engage the user experience.

Further documentation video is forthcoming, but as we showed during the in-class live demo of our Android app, the user opens the gatefold record to find that the artwork works as a image target that triggers the integrated Last.fm music api to display real time data on the number of Kid A listeners, album summary, and related artists.

The back cover is also an image target which attempts to emulate the physical experience of flipping through records in a bin at record store by using virtual buttons to move through a slideshow of other record covers which the band has sited in interviews as the central reference points during the making of the album.

It would be great to continue with this project and continue to make spatialized elements and sounds become a part of the experience, perhaps by placing objects around the room that could more fully immerse the user in the experience of literally 'unpacking' the record.