play MirroR

Expressing our creativity allows us to see the different sides of ourselves.  What if playing music allowed us to literally look into a mirror?  What if the mirror could capture different perspectives of us and different moments in time based on when we made sound? 

This week, in response to Rui’s prompt to make a piece of interactive projection that takes some physical input from the user, I created a piece called “play MirroR.”  This piece aspires to a dual purpose: turn the xylophone into both the playful, interactive controller and also the user’s mirror. 

A MAX patch listens to the the SM-7 microphone and detects which note of the xylophone you are striking.  For as long as that note rings out above a certain volume threshold the patch will allow that corresponding vertical slice of the laptop’s camera feed to be revealed.  This output is then run through MadMapper so that the output from Max is neatly contained to just the various rectangles of the xylophone’s 9 pads.