Sound Objects: Final Project Documentation

Here is some video documentation of my final project that I made with Or Fleisher!

First, here is a "making of" video that gives a glimpse into our process.

Here's a video of a live demonstration of the project to the ITP Interactive Music class.

Here's how some of the sounds were created.  Consideration was given to eq, compression and filtering so that the arrays of assets were made up of a variety of different feelings of each sound.

Here's how some of the pieces started to fit together compositionally, much like you'd put together chords and a melody in a song writing process.

And then putting all the elements together, it really became more refined so that when the assets are put into the spatialized audio environment they would be harmonious together and fill out a sonic mix in a way that allows for all the varieties of orchestration that any user might create.

What I really wanted to achieve with this project was creating a sound design experience for users of any background.  Early on, we decided to shift our focus away from giving users the ability to create sounds, because we felt that given the average time duration of an experience like this that burdening the user with compositional choices like that would consume too much of their experience.  Instead, we decided to let our principles of musical indeterminism exist within the space of a predesigned palette of sounds, such that the user only needs to worry about orchestrating the balls via their interaction with the playful physics of our bouncing objects.  

I really enjoyed working on this project, and both Or and I will continue to refine the piece into an initial suite of levels or experiences where each environment has a different visual and sonic characteristic.  Project Development Studio with Danny Rozin was an excellent environment in which to pursue this project, and Danny's thoughtful feedback along with the feedback and playtesting from my peers was instrumental in this piece getting to where it's at now.