Cartoonify the News

Faker News:  I made a chrome extension called Cartoonify that swaps out names on both sides of the aisle for characters from the Looney Tunes universe.  The idea is to create empathy for the other side of the political spectrum via humor and cartoons.  Some screenshots for you cartoon enthusiasts:

Here's the key:

Trump = Tasmanian Devil, Dems = Goofy Gophers, Repubs = ACME Inc, Lindsey Graham = Roadrunner, Jeff Sessions = Daffy Duck, Hillary Clinton = Bugs Bunny, Putin = Marvin the Martian, Paul Ryan = Yosemite Sam, Ben Carson = Porky Pig, Nancy Pelosi = Miss Prissy, Obama = Elmer Fudd, Russia = Mars, Lawmakers = Tweety Birds