week 6 - Call for proposal/initial Questions

Set out your intentions and goals:

- goals for the project by week 14

    Produce an immersive aural experience that takes a site specific setting to deepen and change the way that visitors feel about the space (its history or geographical context) and how they behave within the space (in groups vs alone, thoughtfully vs absurdly, can this be therapeutic to the individual, create empathy for the space and its cohabitants..).  


- goals for your process

    continue to pursue technology and ideas that challenge me, like incorporating bluetooth or the Juce audio platform, for example, or pursuing difficult lines of research such as untold histories and unknowable sounds. Look at the landscape of people making this now and what has come before so that the final piece has originality.  Distill academic thinking and theoretical approaches down into a final, easily grasped concept.  Input from the clouds, but output lives on the ground.


What are your opening questions/hypothesis?

    How can an understanding of psychogeography and site specific art making inform a project that seeks to use sound and environment to meaningfully change a user’s spatial/contextual awareness and behavior.


- what are some related projects

   Her Long Black Hair by Janet Cardiff


- identify methods of projects that share some aspect of your work

   Narrators.  Naturalistic Sound Design.  Low-tech technological experiences.  Seamless experiential entries and transitions.  Public space.  Iconic landmarks. 


Think of at least two analogies for your topic or project:

   Guided meditations, field guides, guidebooks, books on tape, treasure maps, easter egg hunts, blindfolds, sensory deprivation pools, anechoic chambers,


- provide images to create comparisons


Think of a couple of contexts/ calls your work might fit

    Design a sound installation that immerses visitors in the unseen historical context of a site.  “ “ in an empathetic experience.  “ “ in the feelings and memories of their own childhood.  Design a sound walk that confronts ideas of normalcy and urban design that visitors to metropolitan urban environments may take for granted.


- Make something out of junk, scrap, leftovers, friends, etc

   This collage combines a baby photo from Hawaii, a recent immigration artifact from a flight to Jamaica, and a color photo of a lit up Manhattan and Central Park (it's snaking pathways the focus here) that was given to me by the office of my summer job.  It is meant to be a simple transposition of some of the questions I want to engage with, such as physical space, urban landmarks, transience, naivete, growth, personalized adventure..




Responses from class, answer these for homework:

What do you want to know about the world?



Why do you want to know it?


How can art/design help you answer the question?