Overlooking Underground

In the first week of research into the Soil Food Web, I wanted to respond in a way that was impulsive and which transposed the scientific knowledge into a introduction in a new medium.  I wanted to ask some creative questions about life underground, see how they felt written out, spoken, sound designed.  

What does underground sound like?   I found a BBC recording of an earthworm, centipede, and snail being recorded inside an anechoic chamber.  Some other recordings of earthworms making soil helped to give a sense of what the process of making earth sounds like.

I also wanted to respond to the readings, which featured ideas about the nature of critical design as a way to ask new questions, and understanding the idea of audience.  It seemed to tie in nicely with my topic of research, that processes (e.g. photosynthesis) and a variety of organisms, bacteria and creatures that make up the foundations of natural life are witness to humans much more so than the other way around.  We walk on top of and within these elements without awareness.