week 3 readings


very well written and considered, and gives a very strong example of how systems have inherent bias by looking at 8 different systems thinking perspectives view the debate around GMO wheat and the research trials at Rothamsted.

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Containing and Overlapping Systems

Contain - flora, fauna, agriculture, GMO research, weather.

Overlapping - Food distribution and production, education, waste management.

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Symphony of the Soil documentary  -  Sooo good.  Totally cracked open the way that I understand the ground and disregard it's complexity and age.  The scenes in Hawaii were particularly fascinating -  looking at how soil of different ages on top of old lava flow.  Very happy to have seen this - again thanks Marina!

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3 Articles with citations

Starting from a place of self-interest seems appropriate.  Since I garden in my backyard here in Brooklyn, I often overlook the potential soil contaminants and lack of healthy biology in the soil that grows my veggies.  

Relationship between soil heavy metal contamination and soil food web health in vacant lots slated for urban agriculture in two post-industrial cities.  by Kuhuk Sharma, Zhiqiang Cheng and Parwinder S. Grewal


One of the big issues that the amazing documentary - thanks Marina! - brought to light was the history of over-tilling and over-fertilizing land used for agriculture.  The film states that 1/3 of the world's arable land has been destroyed over human history due to this erosion and poisoning. 

Ecosystem services of the soil food web after long-term application of agricultural management practices.  by Xiaoke Zhang, Howard Ferris, Jeffrey Mitchell, and Wenju Liang.


How much does multi-channel feeding and increased biodiversity have to do with the health of a soil food web.

Reticulated channels in soil food webs. by E.M. Wolkovich.

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Brooke Singer



Dr Elaine Ingham



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Pursuing the audio angle in this research

David Dunn - interesting research into the sounds of natural phenomena like light, and how our brains interpret it.  So wonderful too that all of the experts so far in this line of research have revealed on video to be such lovely humans.  This guy included.